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3rd Grade English Worksheets

Grade Category Topic Samples Questions
3 Reading comprehension Critical reading Online 4
3 Language art Possessive noun Online 13

Language art

 Alphabetical order54
 Capitalization and punctuation19
 Cause and effect3
 Combining sentence15
 Common and proper noun24
 Comparative and superlative32
 Good and well14
 Guide word24
 Helping verb9
 Limited adjective23
 Linking verb22
 Part of speech54
 Plural noun7
 Possessive noun16
 Reference resource15
 Sentence structure5
 Singular and plural noun104
 Subject and predicate19
 Subjective and objective pronoun19
 Topic sentence4
 Types of sentences28



Reading comprehension

 Critical reading369


 Author's purpose6
 Compound word69
 Double consonant17
 Prefix and suffix66
 Synonym and antonym38
 Synonym and homophone13
 Synonym, antonym and homophone7
 Word in context539
 Word meaning490
Total 0 Topics