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7th Grade English Worksheets

Grade Category Topic Samples Questions
7 Reading comprehension Critical reading Online 7
7 Language art Contraction Online 20

Language art

 Active and passive voice10
 Alphabetical order10
 Capitalization and punctuation83
 Combining sentence6
 Comparative and superlative29
 Complete subject and predicate8
 Connotation and idiom16
 Demonstrative adjective13
 Dependent clause6
 Figurative languprefix12
 Guide word12
 Helping verb8
 Infinitive, participle verb and gerund20
 Languprefix expression5
 Linking verb16
 Part of speech29
 Plural noun12
 Possessive noun45
 Reference resource50
 Run-on sentence4
 Sentence error9
 Sentence structure16
 Sentence study4
 Simple subject and predicate10
 Subject, object, and possessive pronoun21
 Topic sentence9
 Transitive and intransitive verb12
 Types of sentences29
 What, why, who and how5



Reading comprehension

 Critical reading402


 Compound word6
 Prefix and suffix38
 Synonym and antonym38
 Synonym, antonym, homonym and homograph47
 Word in context184
 Word meaning204
Total 0 Topics